Welcome to the Oxford Doctor Who Society!

We are a University Society formed in 1989, dedicated to the celebration of all things Doctor Who. Historically, we would meet on Thursdays to appreciate the best (and worst) of our beloved TV show, usually by watching DVDs with varying degrees of mild-mannered heckling, often followed by a trip to the pub. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting impact on student activities, we are unable to hold face-to-face meetings this term. Inspired by the recent Doctor Who Lockdown tweetalongs of episodes, however, we will be watching the episodes – virtually – via streaming services. There’s lots to look forward to on our Michaelmas 2020 termcard, which can be found here.

We won’t be showing the episodes ourselves. This means we’ll sync up on Netflix or BBC iPlayer for the New Series episodes, pressing play at the same time (or jumping to a timestamp so nobody is left behind!). If you can’t access either then don’t worry! Using your SSO (or for Brookes students, your uni login), you should be able to access Box of Broadcasts, which contains recordings of the episodes (and the Classic episodes we shall be watching). We will be pressing play at the same time, as fans have done in the tweetalongs, and discuss the episodes after they finish.

We will be doing this through a Discord server, which you can register an interest in joining here! You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where you’ll receive updates on our events this term. We ask you to fill in a form so we can ensure the server isn’t filled with Daleks or any other bad actors! All your information is treated strictly according to privacy concerns.

We’ll also be appearing at the Oxford Open Freshers’ Fair – check out the site here!

If you would like to be get involved with the society or are interested in becoming a member, please contact us through either our Facebook page or Twitter, or send us an email at whosoc@nexus.ox.ac.uk. We also have a much larger website with more information, including the history of the society, past termcards, and the library’s holdings.

The society is managed by the Committee, elected by the body of the society in each Hilary Term. Any member of the society is invited (and encouraged) to stand in these elections.

We publish a magazine at irregular intervals called The Tides of Time, which contains a variety of articles related to the society or Doctor Who in general. The archives of the magazine can be found here. Submissions for future issues can be sent to outidesoftime@gmail.com.

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